Wrocław Agile Development Conference 2018

22 Września 2018, 09:00 (Sobota)

Scandic Wrocław, Wrocław Zobacz na mapie

To wydarzenie już się skończyło. Zapraszamy na inne ciekawe wydarzenia.
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Wrocław Agile Development is a yearly conference hosted and run by NewVoiceMedia. It's a great fun packed and educational day. We share our stories, experiences and lessons learnt. We touch a lot of topics connected with agile software development, both from a soft and a technical perspective.We use this day as an opportunity to give back to our local community. We believe in spreading the knowledge, so each year we organise the event where everyone is welcome! The WAD conference is also a great chance to support the most needed. The event is fully sponsored by NewVoiceMedia, that's why we are able to donate all the proceeds to chosen charity. Money collected from the tickets will be doubled by NVM Foundation, to give even stronger support to local charities.

You can find more information on our conference web page: http://wroclawagiledevelopment.com/ 

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